Backpacking on the Superior Hiking Trail.

Backpacking on the Superior Hiking Trail.

Hello! I’m Jeromy, pictured over there on the left. I live in St. Paul, Minnesota with my wife and partner in adventuring. I love the outdoors and travel, but I’m also a musician, writer, and aspiring “gourmet” chef. Though honestly, like many of us, much of my time is spent at my office job.

One day I realized that while the internet is a great source of information for high-end outdoor gear, planning extravagant international trips, and retiring early, it’s strangely difficult to find advice for us low to moderate income wage slaves. Was it possible to go backpacking without $2000 of gear? Could you travel without a month off from work?

That and so much more is possible, but it requires a perspective shift from what most of society tells us. I want to distill all that I’ve learned from my research and experience into digestible chunks for others with my perspective: that living life doesn’t require endless time and money.

Each week I will post one new article (or more) to help make our lives more dynamic and filled with adventure, even with that pesky old 9 to 5 that we’re stuck with (for now).

Check out the archive of all my posts in the field guide contents above. I’ll see you out adventuring soon!