5 Reasons Fall is Perfect for Adventure

An autumnal view of the Mississippi River

An autumnal view of the Mississippi River

I am an unabashed fall junkie. The falling leaves, apple picking, haunted houses, malty beer, and yes, perhaps even an affection for pumpkin spice all really give fall the distinct personality that I love. The one downside is that here in Minnesota, fall lasts about three weeks.

Summer is so busy in the Twin Cities that it can be a challenge to fit in everything I set out to do. Fall is a breath of fresh (not humid) air that reinvigorates me after the endless summer, my schedule opens up to enjoy things that too often get pushed to the side. Fall is full of hope! Let me convince you that it rocks, and hopefully inspire you to make your autumn action packed!


Fall weather is great for outdoor activities, especially ones that normally work up a sweat. We’re really in that sweet spot where it's cool, but not cold enough to bundle up. It’s much easier to stay comfortable while active when the humidity has disappeared and it’s 50 degrees out.

Enjoy this by biking, hiking, running, climbing, and anything else that gets your heart rate up.


What isn’t to love as the leaves change? Overlooking a forest with 100 shades of color can be awe-inspiring. This is why everyone likes fall right? The fall color adds a wow factor to many activities, from backpacking to the view from your flight.

Enjoy this by backpacking or hiking through the backcountry , which will get you into the thick of all the fall color. If you live in an area where you don’t get the full fall effect, try taking an extended weekend trip to a region that does.

A bridge over the Mississippi.

A bridge over the Mississippi.


For some unimaginable reason, most people don’t travel during the fall*. Flights get cheaper since airlines are trying to fill their seats, which means you should be taking advantage of this if at all possible. Additionally, if you aren’t sold on point #1, use this tip to fly somewhere tropical!

Enjoy this by being strategic with your travel plans. Start looking for flights early and be flexible with the dates. If your local climate isn’t conducive to pretty fall foliage, travel somewhere that is!


This is a nice perk that comes along with the chilly weather. Did you know, there are some places in Minnesota that are completely uninhabitable during summer months because of the mosquitoes?

Maybe this is a bit hyperbolic, but I love camping in the fall and not needing to constantly be reapplying insect repellent and repeatedly slapping myself. Take the chance to get out into the backcountry without fear.

Enjoy this by camping or backpacking, obviously, but this is also a great time to simply have friends over for a campfire or to grill up some food. Little “adventures” like this are a big part of what makes life exciting! If you live in an apartment and have no yard (like me), try looking around your city parks for grilling spots.


To me, autumn is the season of new beginnings. I believe this is ingrained in many of us by our school-going years, starting anew each fall. Add in harvest season and the changing of the leaves and you can just feel the air bursting with energy and excitement. I embrace this feeling as a way to set new goals for myself and plan new trips and adventures. In a way, the beginning of autumn is like the new year come a few months early.

Take advantage of this by: Dive headfirst into change and be reinvigorated to start new things. Been thinking about trying rock climbing? Here’s your chance! Afraid to mountain bike? Not anymore! Beyond being active and adventurous outdoors, let this spirit seep into your work, hobbies, and personal life too. More than anything, this is what makes fall great to me. Even if you still like spring better**, I hope you get outside and enjoy the next few months!

*Yeah, yeah I hear ya. Back to school, thanksgiving, work, etc. etc. etc.

**Convince me that it’s better! Betcha can’t!