Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d like to wish you all an adventure filled Thanksgiving this year! Let’s take the chance to appreciate why this holiday is special, beyond that most of us don’t have to work!

So let us be thankful, and remember:

  1. Cooking a fancy meal from scratch is definitely considered an adventure.

  2. Family, friends, and community are what make life enjoyable and exciting. Yes, even more so than exploring the world and getting outside (but it’s close race).

  3. Exaggerating your recent accomplishments around family is encouraged. I can’t wait to tell everyone about my 80 mile section hike of the SHT that I did in 2 days.

  4. Traveling to your hometown is still considered traveling.

  5. You can be lazy and relax on holidays*. Slow down your life and take advantage of this!

  6. You have an excuse to overeat if you go rock climbing every day.

  7. Only in America do we celebrate Thanksgiving, aren’t we lucky?

Happy Thanksgiving! Normal posts will resume next time. Pass the gravy?

*Which makes it is acceptable to write a very short blog post ;)